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Lions & Tigers & UFOS—Oh My!

If you’re at all involved in the food-waste world, there’s a word you hear in almost any conversation when talking to someone in the business.  And that word is contamination.

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Hope Springs Eternal!

   Do you know who is said to be the most famous meteorologist in the world, even though he only forecasts the weather once a year?  If you guessed Punxsutawney Phil you would be correct.  Going back to 1877, all eyes fall upon the prognosticating groundhog the 2nd of every February to get a peek into the upcoming arrival of spring.  And in case you missed the exciting news, Phil did not see his shadow this year which means spring is just around the corner. And while it may all be for fun, what if he’s right?  But even if the little furry guy is off a week or two, time’s still a tickin’ to be on top of your...

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New Year ~ New You

  There’s just something about a new year’s resolution isn’t there? Nothing feels quite like getting caught up in the collective energy with hundreds of other people, taking hold and embracing something new, or looking at ways to better improve our lives.  This leads me to thinking about not only a new year resolution but a new decade resolution—which for me, is sustainability.  For me, living sustainably started out with taking baby steps.  Even though they were initially small, those steps have gone on to play a personal, as well as community, and even global purpose in my life.  But too often we catch ourselves disconnected from those bigger purposes. We feel too small, too insignificant, and the problem seems...

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