2023 - The Year of Big Questions

I love that people today are asking more and more questions.  I have to wonder if this is true because social media engages us to think about things we wouldn’t necessarily ponder on our own.  This in turn begs a question in itself—as in, are our thoughts truly ours?  Or is our point of view formed by something we’ve read, or experienced, or perhaps based, at least in part, on someone else’s ideas? Well, I’d say yes, yes, and most likely—yes.  

"Millions saw the apple fall but Newton was the only one who asked why." Bernard Baruch

We all see life through the lens of our own experience.  When we engage others with different experiences, we create an environment where both parties grow in their respective understanding.  So let’s transfer that to some of the problems we’re trying to solve. Are we talking with others about them? Do we believe there are solutions? Are we seeking advice from people who’ve dealt with similar issues? Or do we maybe just share our problems with those in a similar boat, only to then cast blame elsewhere?

Lots of big questions there!

In 2022, Food Loops focused on capacity—that is, the ability to serve more customers.  Based on what we learned, we now head into 2023 ready to chase big problems armed with our ever-expanding food, glass, plastic, and carbon waste knowledge.  In turn, we’re seeing greater and greater capacity to capture and recycle each of those elements.  We’re passionate about the problems we’re trying to solve, which in a nutshell always comes back to too much unnecessary waste going to the landfill.

"Successful people ask better questions and as a result, they get better answers."  Tony Robbins

You have questions about sustainability?  I’ve got answers! Let’s talk.