1 + 1 = 3

In his new book What’s In It For Them, Joe Polish states, “The secret to success in life and business is learning how to connect and form relationships with other people — and most people do not know how to do that.”  

Nowhere do you see this play out more than in our day-to-day connected lives where, if you’re inner focused on your own process and solutions, you’ll soon be passed over by an ever-changing world.  New innovations and best practices surface every day but if we’re not looking forthem, we’re going to miss them.  Or as Dan Sullivan with Strategic Coach puts it "Our eyes only see, and ears only hear what we are looking for.

Are you looking for transformational tools and process improvements that streamline your business?   Better yet, if you’re a service business, are you offering better tools and processes?  Would you recognize this improvement when you saw it, or someone talked with you about it?  As the saying goes, we’re either moving forward or fallingback because nothing remains static.  

Perhaps like many of you, these past few weeks have found me setting up year-end meetings.  While the overall goal is to recap our progress this year, the best discussions have been focused on planning for the future.  At the risk of sounding trite, we at Food Loops are customer focused.  By that I mean we want to solve all our customer’s needs.  Often we can be, and in fact are, the solution.  Other times, however, we need to add other businesses into our zoneoften referred to as the free zone—to fill the need. When we find the right partners with the right mindset, we find that 1 + 1 = 3.  When that happens, our new partners know it, we know it, but most importantly, our customers know it.  They feel the synergy making it a Win Win Win.  

Winning relationships are full disclosure, see the market as exponential, have no competition, are open to helpful technology, and most importantly are playing the long game.  If you’re having a conversation with a potential contact and its beginning to feel like a zero sum gamewhere they can’t really explain their business, or how they partner with others, or they demand 100% confidence before they act—you need to run, run, run away because the relationship will not age well.  

As Food Loops continues on our path to becoming an overnight success, we know our future is much larger than our past.  In 2023,  we’ll be partnering with new businesses who will increase our capacity with technology, new tools, and better processes.

We can’t wait for you to notice the difference were making.