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A Thumb By Any Other Color

You don’t need me to tell you the entire world has been on a roller coaster ride these past few years. Briefly considered comparing it to going to hell in a handbasket, but given my naturally optimistic nature, going to stick with the roller coaster. Optimism notwithstanding, over that time, we’ve collectively seen and experienced hardships no one could have imagined.  Many of these hardships have revolved around the food we purchase every day.  Now I’m not saying the store being out of cilantro is even remotely close to the end of the world, but until it started happening and fairly consistently, the thought of eating chicken tacos without fresh cilantro was something I couldn’t have imagined living in NWA.  I...

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Sustainability—The Next Big Thing

  Sustainability—The Next Big Thing Do you know the story of bottled water?  It’s one that perfectly demonstrates how markets are made from the products people want.  Products, more often than not, that aren’t foreseen by the so-called experts. According to Grandview research, bottled water is a $283 billion industry. Two hundred eighty three billion. In 1977, Perrier launched the first bottled water sold in the United States.  While 45 years may seem like a long time for a product to be on the market, it’s relatively short, especially when you consider the tremendous business it is today. But clearly that’s not always been the case.  I vividly remember being a Unilever sales rep in 1981 in Nebraska and listening...

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Lions & Tigers & UFOS—Oh My!

If you’re at all involved in the food-waste world, there’s a word you hear in almost any conversation when talking to someone in the business.  And that word is contamination.

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