Waste Reduction Consulting

It is time to make your office sustainable and we can help. 

Food Loops now offers waste reduction consulting.

We have a proven track record of substantially reducing waste generated by restaurants, offices, hospitals, schools, and events that otherwise would be sent to the landfill. Not only do we help with planning, we offer a range of solutions geared specifically for your individual needs.

  • We have helped restaurants reduce waste by 60-90%
  • We have helped events reduce waste by 90%. 

Our goal is to make sustainability easy and efficient for you.  

How does it work? 

  1. We Meet You Where You Are. No one person or organization has a perfect sustainability system or solution. So no matter where you are, we can help you achieve your sustainability goals. 
  2. Collect Waste Data. We start with focusing on the problem and gathering data re: what’s being wasted & where it’s going.
  3. Focused Solution. Next, we'll recommend waste solutions that are specifically designed for you. Whether you’re a corporate office or a food truck, we can help you meet your goals.
  4. Implementation. It’s go time. We will help with the system, materials/products, bins, hauling, and signage. What’s more, we will ensure the solution we've created works. 
  5. Hand holding. We’re here to confirm the system doesn’t start strong, only to then fail. Sustainability means ongoing support for the system and you. 


  • $50/hour
  • $40/hour for 5+ hours 

Ready To Get Started?

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