College Football Playoffs - Indianapolis

This year we are making CFP in Indy a Sustainable event! Thank you for your interest in helping us to achieve this. 

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What will you be doing?

  • We sort the plastic bottles, aluminum cans/cups, cardboard, paper, and anything we can recycle in in the recycling dumpster. (It is taken to the local recyclers in Indy).
  • We also sort food waste and compostable products. (These are taken to a local composter in Indy).
  • We sort out everything we can that does not belong in the landfill. 

Practically speaking, this means you are opening trash bags and sorting its contents. It doesn't sound glorious and you'll likely smell like beer when it is done, but it is better than it sounds! :)


We pay $15/hr and every worker is a 1099 contract worker. We mail checks out after the event and all hours have been counted. 

Why do we do all this work?

Our vision is to transform this (and every event we work on) to divert 90+% of their waste. That means, less that 10% of all the trash produced goes to the landfill & EVERYTHING else is recycled, composted, reused, donated, or repurposed. 

We want events of the future to eliminate their waste footprints and operate more sustainably.