Food Waste Pickup

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At Food Loops, we disrupt the typical path of food waste to landfills and restore the food waste system back to its natural state: a loop.  

Our Responsibilities:

  • provide all of the bins (64-gallon roll carts) necessary to collect the food scraps and organic waste. These bins will be clearly marked with “Food Waste Only” stickers.
  • provide compostable bags for the carts and will line the carts with new bags after every service.
  • provide year-round pick-up services three times per week, unless otherwise directed.
  • provide staff training and handouts detailing the approved materials and methods of collection.
  • provide special and one-time event service at individually negotiated rates.
  • provide detailed monthly invoices including collection weights for each site.

Your Responsibilities

  • Ensure that food scrap and organic waste carts will remain free from contamination.
  • While the use of compostable liners and bags will greatly assist in keeping the carts clean, you will ensure all food residuals are cleaned from the carts regularly.
  • Ensure carts are placed at the designated pick-up location.


  • By composting food scraps and organic waste, your facility should be able to either reduce the size of trash compactors used or the frequency they are emptied which will result in a reduction of both county user fees and waste hauler fees.
  • Your facility may also be eligible for a tax write-off for engaging in food waste recycling.

We offer restaurants, hotels, and schools the option of positive end-use for their waste.  Food Loops converts the waste to usable, microbially-rich compost and fertilizers. These sustainably sourced and organic products are then sold to local farmers, growers, and landscapers.

Organic fertilizer

Currently, 30-40% of all food produced ends up in a landfill. In landfills, food waste produces a harmful greenhouse gas called methane (72x more potent than CO2). Our business offers an alternative source of disposal to landfills where we divert food waste from the landfill and convert it back into compost and fertilizer, which we affectionately call plant food. Furthermore, it is a methane-free process.


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