Meet our Ambassadors

It’s hard to go anywhere any more without seeing Help Wanted Signs. This is particularly prevalent in the hospitality industry.  And perhaps for good reason—hospitality work is demanding. If you’ve ever worked in any aspect of the hospitality field, you know it’s all about the fast pace while at the same time meeting the customer’s demands. Hospitality work appeals to a specific kind of person—i.e.

someone who’s not afraid of hard work who also appreciates the challenge of exceeding customers’ expectations.  Clearly, not everyone’s sweet spot.


Over 97% of our Food Loops workforce is made up of contract workers. With few exceptions, the 97%, either have full time jobs, school and/or home obligations, juggling other part-time work, or sometimes various combinations of all those scenarios. In short, Food Loops is a side gig that puts extra bucks in their pockets as their schedules allow.  


While this has been the case from the beginning, for the first time in our history, last month saw zero-waste events comprise half our monthly business. When you stop to do the math, you’ll quickly see I’m not overstating things when I say the impact our contract workers have on our business model is enormous.   


We’re often asked how we’re able to find the workersneeded to fill all those events.  Aside from many hours spent talking with potential recruits, a 2022 Deloitte study found that Gen Z places a very high value on a good work/life balance, followed closely by deriving a sense of meaning from their work.  A flexible working model was also a big plus.


No matter where our workers fall on the spectrum—be they retirees, boomers, or any other set of alpha-defined groups—the Deloitte study overwhelmingly validatesthese same values in our workforce as they’re drawn to the fast-paced nature of our work, flexibility in scheduling, and the satisfaction of knowing they’re making a direct impact on the mountain of waste that would otherwise find its way to the landfill.  As some would say—a win, win, win.  


Next month marks our five-year anniversary.  Over the course of that time, we’ve developed great depth in ourpool of contract workers.  At the same time, we’re always looking to attract new workers also looking to make animpact through partnering with Food Loops.  


With that in mind, we’re excited to announce a newdesignation within our contract workers we’re calling Food Loops Ambassadors.  In addition to a positive work ethic and a heart for sustainability, Ambassadors consistently exemplify the following three traits:


1) Ability to lead other workers during events.

2) Possess the knowledge/expertise to work a variety of event types.

3) Maintain a consistent number of hours worked over a 12-month period.


In addition to being recognized as leaders within our work force, Food Loops Ambassadors will enjoy a $17.50/hour wage, along with some swanky Food Loops garb thrown in just for good measure.


Therefore, it is with heartfelt congratulations and a great deal of appreciation, we announce our first five Food Loops Ambassadors: Gina Dillard, Tamara Lopatin, Colleen Marie Thompson, Katie Thompson, and Kelly Yarbrough.


Each of these Ambassadors could have easily answered anyone else’s Help Wanted ad. We’re blessed they chose Food Loops. Their interaction on our behalf with the public at large, as well as with workers within the company, is the basis for what we hope is just the beginning of many more Ambassadors to come!