Carry-In Compost Program

50% of all food waste is generated at our homes. By being a part of this innovative program, you can divert your food waste from home by simply bringing it to work.  

How?  Here is a step by step on how it works:

  1. Each participating member from the office receives a 5-gallon bucket & a roll of compostable bag liners at the designated are for your office.
  2. At home, you fill your 5-gallon bucket with food waste.
  3. Bring it with you  to work
  4. Empty the bucket (simply removing the bag) in the designated outdoor bin placed outside of the office.
  5. Replace your bag & do it again. 

 Cost? There is no cost to you; your office is paying for your participation in the program!

12 Team Members. To get started, we need a minimum of 12 members from your office to participate. We challenge you to get everyone to participate!

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